A.I. for Landscape Operations

Automated intelligence for Branch and Operations Managers. Provide needed insights to create optimized schedules and drive your margins higher.

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Focus On The Most Important Item on Your P&L

Automated Insights + Data Transparency + Leaderboards = Happy Team

Schedule Efficiently, Beat Your Estimates

Easily see how your field workforce is performing in real-time, using data from your existing operational software. See leaderboards by branch, service line, manager, or even by crew. Further, you can easily see how well you are scheduling future jobs, in order to optimize your schedule. Our tool overlays on top of your existing operational software and uses the data you already have to give you insights like never before.

Fix Your Errors, Increase Your Margins

In our analysis of company data, there has been a regular pattern of scheduling errors made by teams. Our algorithm finds the three most common errors - overscheduled, underscheduled, and zero hours, and brings those to the surface. Analyze historical errors for training, and future errors for savings. Our tool calculates how much additional labor cost was incurred based upon our statistical analysis of company performance.

Zero Configuration

We bring in the data you already have to bring you immediate insights. No IT department, no complicated dashboard tool required.

Data Transparency

Unlock data and analytics throughout your organization, and through competition enable behavioral change that yields efficiency.


Send real-time, automated text message alerts to your team with their individual performance updates.

Margin Improvement

Engaging your field workforce, giving them data transparency and competition, yields maximum results in margins.

Plans & Pricing

Standard Plan

$20 / crew / month
Unlimited Data Points
Unlimited Team Members
Web-based Analysis Tools
Open to all companies
AI-generated insights pushed to you
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Enterprise Plan

Custom for more than 100 crews
Unlimited Data Points
Unlimited Team Members
Web-based Analysis Tools
Open to all companies
AI-generated insights pushed to you
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What People Say About Us

“BomData gave us the insights we needed into how we were misusing our operational software, and enabled us to gain operational efficiencies.”

Jon Davis
Maintenance Manager at Greenscape

“BomData is the tool we were looking for. Previously we tried to assemble our own dashboards from the ones built-in to our operational software, to our own business intelligence platform. BomData is simpler, easier, and more insightful.”

Michael Mayberry
CTO at Level Green Landscaping