Increase your Property's Performance

A new, data-driven tool to optimize facilities maintenance costs for Building Owners and Managers using market intelligence

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Portfolio analysis

Uncover ways to optimize maintenance costs

A simple, modern cloud application to capture all property data and operational expenses, and assess building performance at the service line level. Supporting all property types including office, institutional, multi-family, industrial, healthcare, retail, and more.

Create Property Profiles
Capture your entire portfolio's specifications in the cloud
Consistent Data Structure
Templates to create a uniform property profile
Analyze Performance vs. Portfolio
Simple tools to see where your spending can be improved
Make Informed Decisions
Save time on budgeting and choosing which services to bid
market data

Real-time comparable data for your market

Gain access to market comparable data in a granular way, using intelligent processing and filtering to deliver insights

Access intelligence to drive decisions
Compare properties to relevant aggregate market data
Serious privacy protection
Your data will not be shared or identifiable by anyone else
Enhance Reporting to Building Owners
Show greater insights than ever before
Real-time insights into your market
Market dynamics change, and so do prices

This is how it works

A simple solution to a complex problem. Reduced time, reduced uncertainty, and amazing insights.
Create Account and Profile

First, create a profile for yourself and your company with a picture and a logo. Then create each property you would like insights for, which creates a property profile.

Bulk Upload Your Entire Portfolio

Alternatively, use our import template spreadsheet, saving time by bulk uploading all of your portfolio data at one.

Analyze Your Data Within Your Portfolio, and Against Market Comparables

Our simple analysis tools help you determine what properties are efficiently managed, and which ones could be further optimized. Know which underlying services are driving costs up, and where savings can occur. Real-time market data delivers valuable insights into your portfolio's performance.

Make Better Decisions

It can be difficult to make good decisions without good data. Our mission is to make your life better by saving you time and delivering insights like never before. Know where to focus your efforts, how to increase property value, and demonstrate the value you provide.


Landscape maintenance and enhancement services, parking lot sweeping, porter service, and other landscaping needs.


Interior cleaning and janitorial services for all types of properties.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning services for maintenance, repairs, and installations.


We analyze data across all major lines of service that make up a properties operating expenses.

Better Data = Better Decisions

Per bid
  • Access all property data

  • Submit bids

  • Find out % high or low afterward

  • $100 Referral Credit*

Per month
  • Everything in Skeptical, plus:

  • Unlimited bid submissions

  • Comparable real-time market data

  • View other bid requests and request invite

Per year
  • Everything in Motivated, plus:

  • Two months free

  • Guaranteed to win bids

  • Nah, just kidding on that last one

*Referral Credits are Received for any Service Provider or Property Manager who pays for an account with your referral code.

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